Did Guiao utter a racist remark vs Ross?

SMB's Chris Ross engage in a verbal tussle with NLEX coach Yeng Guiao during a game on Jan. 19, 2018. (Sports5 video grab)

THE suspension and fines the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) meted on Mike Miranda, Eric Camson and Raymond Almazan for figuring in separate altercations during their weekend games are drop in the bucket compared to the penalties NLEX coach Yeng Guiao could have gotten had he really made an offensive remark against San Miguel Beer player Chris Ross.

Guiao was also fined for the late-game altercation with Ross on Friday night but he would have gotten heavier penalties plus suspension had he uttered the N-word as the Fil-Am player claimed.

Ross, as told by Coach Leo Austria, said that Guiao uttered the “N” word to him.

“According to Chris, tinawag siya na n****. That’s what he explained to me,” Austria said.

Guiao, however, denied the claim.

“Hindi ko sinabi yung n-word. Ewan ko kung may nakarinig doon,” Guiao insisted.

An investigation failed to establish that Guiao made the rascist remark.

But PBA Officer-in-charge Commissioner Willie Marcial warned that rascism would not be tolerated in the league.

“Let me reiterate that racism has no place in the PBA. It is totally unacceptable in our society and in sports in general. The PBA will not hesitate to act if the evidence so warrants,” Marcial said.

“The PBA, its players and its officials are called upon to uphold the highest standard of respect that our youth can look upon as an example. Rest assured that any act that is racially derogatory and pejorative in nature will be dealt with sternly by the league.” rw: wjg