THE Philippine government did right in stopping the deployment of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to Kuwait over the recent deaths of seven migrant workers there.

The messaging was that if a host country cannot provide ample protection to OFWs, then the Philippine government would be duty bound to stop deployment in said country in order to stop further abuses.

Now, the Philippines must take this action one step closer and demand an official inquiry over one particular gruesome end to a hardworking OFW, Liezl Trus Hukdong.

The remains of Liezel arrived in the Philippines from Kuwait last January 5 and the authorities reported to her relatives that she was missing both eyes, her brains, kidneys, lungs and even her tongue.

The harvesting of the poor OFW’s organs could not have been the result of any autopsy because the “dubious” error-filled documents that came with her body made no mention of any post-mortem.

Likewise, Liezl died, according to her Kuwaiti employer, from hanging, something that could never account for the missing organs.

Had the OFW died from a horrific road accident or had fallen from a building, such organ losses may be understandable. But from hanging? In the first place, did Liezl really kill herself?

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