Hide and seek


“MAY LTO kanina?”

Those were the few words uttered by a mid-50’s jeepney driver to a barker who have been wondering why there seemed a scarcity of jeepneys the past hours.

“Umuwi ako kanina kasi sabi nila may LTO!”

That, ladies and gents, is the visible effect of ‘Tanggal Bulok, Tanggal Usok’ campaign of the Land Transportation and Regulatory Franchising Board that has been garnering the ire from transport groups.

The campaign prompts jeepney drivers be gone with the wind, as they fear that their dilapidated jeepneys would be pulled out off the roads.

But, haven’t they realized that the transport authorities’ campaign has no malicious intent?

That the main point of the campaign is to make public transportation safer for the riding public?

Not because the government is making a ‘business,’ as PISTON National President George San Mateo claims, not for the suppliers, but for the riding public.

That’s really the main point of the program, not to supress people from having livelihood.

As what the disbanded 2NE1 song says, ‘it’s about time, and your time is up.’