K-Wave, a Killing Concern


KOREAN Wave. Yes, I am a fanatic when it comes to Korean dramas especially TV shows that are aired in SBS (a Korean Television Network). With all their traditions and colorful fashion, who wouldn’t be fascinated with them? But what really is strange about this trend, is how much people get hooked on the actors instead.

Nowadays, the appearances of Korean celebrities are almost close to perfection in the eyes of the Asian youth. They are not just a pretty face, they are a ‘complete package’ for showbiz — with their good looks along with varied talents like singing, dancing, and acting.

Unlike here, all you need to have to a showbiz personality is a beautiful face, then you can instantly be famous with the right exposure.

In South Korea, before they launch upcoming stars, the agency that will handle you will make sure that they can market you effectively. That means you will have to go through ‘intense’ training that will take years to complete.

Sacrificing time and effort to be a showbiz talent in Korea is the requirement, just like what Sandara Park had gone through. Sandara first got famous in our country after emerging runner-up in a talent search show, but she took time to train before she started her career in South Korea.

Another one is the international famous girl group the ‘Girls Generation”, who lived with their agency in a dorm for 15 years before they got launched.

However, there is always a catch. A side-effect of being a Korean celebrity is the bullying they get from netizens in various social media, although it is also common anywhere in the world, including in our country, for celebrities to get cyber-bullied.

The big difference is that South Korea has a serious and widespread problem with regards to suicide cases, with the country having the second-highest suicide rate in the world according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Many celebrities end their life because of these social media attacks. The most recent suicide case is from the K-Pop boy band group “Shinee”, main vocalist Kim Jonghyun, committed suicide on December 18, 2017 and left a note saying “I am broken inside” and “I hate myself,” which highlights his depression. The pressure in Korea is high and a single disappointment can lead to ending their lives.

Depression is a very serious issue that needs to be addressed and be taken cared of as a community, so people would be sensitive to act accordingly to someone who is in dire need of help and not push them more into their suffering.