Sacked Amaro claims MARINA officials behind test leak


THE Manila police entrapped and arrested five employees of the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) and an official of a maritime training school for allegedly trying to make money on leaked marine licensure examination.

Nabbed were were Julius Maquera, a monitoring division evaluator; Christian Asistores and Malone Morales of the surveillance division; John Daniel Miron and Teodorico Dionisio, both information technicians.

Also arrested was Jomarie Antiquera, 33, marketing manager of North Star Training Center.

The six were arrested after receiving payment in an entrapment operation at the Pipedown Review Center along Kalaw Street in Ermita Thursday.

The Philippines is a top supplier of maritime workers in the world.

The leaked papers were being sold for P500,000 according to Pipedown owner Jobet Francisco.

Former Marina administrator Marcial Amaro III claimed that the five were relatives of Marina’s top officials who were allegedly behind his ouster.

“The buck doesn’t stop there. There could be more people higher than them who could be involved in the operation. These people are just contractual employees,” Amaro pointed out.

Amaro claimed Maquera’s mother Lina is the chief administrative officer of the Human Resources Management Development Division of MARINA,

Maquera’s father Zaldy is chief of the Manpower Development Services in charge of the Seaman’s Book, added Amaro.