Emack & Bolio’s, a psychedelic ice cream parlor

Ice cream cones galore. All photos by Jessica Rae Mayo.

Founded in 1975 in Boston, Massachusetts by a hippie lawyer, Emack & Bolio’s, if you’re not aware, has been in the Philippines since the middle of 2017. It’s the small, colorful, and psychedelic little ice cream store in Ayala Malls The 30th.

Quick info:

  1. Emack & Bolio’s is scattered around the world; they also have it in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Korea, and Taiwan.
  2. It’s marked by a logo of a curly haired kid, or clown, with wings. An angel clown? And the creature looks pretty stoned to me. But don’t worry, the ice cream will not make you high.

    Welcome to a trippy ice cream parlor.
    Welcome to the trippy ice cream parlor.
  3. The ice cream flavors come in super cool combinations with cool names, like Deep Purple Chip, Space Cake, Grasshopper Pie, and Chocolate Moose.
  4. Pricey. An ice cream scoop costs P165, two scoops for P265, and three scoops for P365.
  5. They offer a wide, rainbow variety of fancy, elaborate, fun-looking cones, separate from the price of the ice cream. Cones wrapped in fruit pebbles, or marshmallows, froot loops, rice krispies, caramel, chocolate, red, blue, neon pink, green, it’s all whimsical. Like stepping into an episode of “Mighty Boosh.”
  6. My sister and I decided to get a taste of a U.S.-made overpriced ice cream. I picked the Deep Purple Chip on the cheapest, most generic cone. But oh my, my ice cream tasted so good it gave me instant high. Black rasberry ice cream, mixed in with white and dark chocolate chips. The combination of the sweet, tart-y rasberry and the chocolates is superb! Never mind my generic cone.

    "Deep Purple" and "Mud Pie."
    “Deep Purple” and “Mud Pie.”
  7. My sister, though, picked a sophisticated- and expensive-looking chocolate thingie cone to match the color of her ice cream flavor of choice: Mud Pie, made up of coffee with Oreo bits. I took a bite, not a lick, and it tastes like some very familiar Selecta flavor. Nothing new. Unlike my Deep Purple.
  8. They also offer other desserts, like smoothies, plus sweet beverages.
  9. Customer service. Not really friendly when we visited. They emit that haughty vibe of selling overpriced ice cream. One staff member was even dancing in one corner instead of accommodating us, or assisting us in picking out our first Emack and Bolio’s ice cream. They are unsmiling and curt, but they serve your ice cream pretty quick once you decide which flavor you want.
  10. Nope, they don’t offer that tiny free ice cream taste. You have to gamble your P200 minimum.

I’m not coming back, simply because I’m not comfortable spending money again for overpriced ice cream served to me by haughty staff members. But I’m not stopping you from checking out Emack & Bolio’s to experience the wild, crazy combination of elaborate cones and playful flavors. Enjoy!

Emack & Bolio’s
G/F Ayala Malls The 30th, 30 Meralco Avenue, Pasig City
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