CNN Philippines axes 60 workers in ‘right-sizing’ move

CNN Philippines also axed 70 employees in 2015.

ABOUT 60 employees of CNN Philippines had been served termination papers, according to the media advocacy group Buhay Media.

The axed employees of the affiliate company of giant news TV network CNN International belonged to the news and public affairs division of the media company.

“Right-sizing” was cited by Buhay Media as the reason allegedly cited by CNN Philippines in terminating the services of the employees.

Right-sizing refers to the termination of workers to meet the desired size of a company with income and cost as the primary factors being considered.

CNN Philippines has yet to comment on the claim made by Buhay Media about the alleged axing.

“We stand with our colleagues at CNN Philippines as they join countless of other media workers who have been deprived of job security despite their years of service,” said the media group in a post in its blog.

Among the axed workers were producers, graphic artists, video editors and cameramen. Also terminated were those from IT, engineering, technical operations and creatives.

CNN Philippines had already laid off around 70 workers in September 2015.

CNN Philippines is a partnership by the Nine Media Group with the heretofore Solar News Channel.