Chopping block


PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte is dead serious in stamping out corruption in government. In fact, a number of public officials and cabinet members were already relieved from their post due to complaints either of corruption or too much junketing.

Among the officials who got the axe were former Department of Interior and Local Government secretary Ismael Sueno, Dangerous Drugs Board chief Dionisio Santiago, Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor head Terry Ridon and Maritime Industry Authority Administrator Marcial Amaro III. Their travel itch reportedly did them in as their trips abroad were unnecessary.

Duterte also fired hundreds other middle-ranked and lower-ranked public servants for corrupt practices.

In the next few days, another batch of officials are lined up for the chopping block: a head of agency, three generals and a number of police officers. This sends a strong signal to people in government that Duterte has no sacred cows in his administration.

The President is committed to giving the public clean and honest officials they deserve. So far, he has not wavered. If things continue this way, we may at last see the most corrupt-free government this country ever had.

For those government officials who continue their “crooked” ways, your time will come.