A shit by any other name


US President Donald Trump’s reference to some countries as “shitholes” has many rolling in laughter but, as you may have read in the AFP story below, it also left journalists scrambling for sanitized and deodorized synonyms.

My favorite is “a place where birds do not lay eggs”.  Still, what takes the cake really is Philippine media’s refusal to call a “shithole” by any other name. For us here at ConceptCentral, a shithole is a shithole is a shithole, okay?

Except that (I hope you are not eating right now), the consensus is that “shithole” refers to where people relieve themselves or, to be more vulgar about it, where people take a dump.

That’s “the johns” for the British and “kubeta” or its petmalu derivative “takobets” for Filipinos. But wait a crappy minute. What if the “shithole” Trump referred to was not the place where Malabanan siphons off shit, but where shit actually comes oozing out.

Okay enough grossness, already. Here take a Wet Ones wipe. And can anybody ask the Donald to close his “shithole.” It stinks.