Employer’s gift to Pinay nanny: House and lot


ABU DHABI — Given the salaries they are getting in the United Arab Emirates, most Filipino nannies hardly have any savings at all for, say, building a house back home.

But this Filipino nanny will soon realize her dream of owning a house in the Philippines, thanks to the generosity of her employer in Abu Dhabi.

The nanny, 45-year old Dina Tenefire Celo, said she was deeply moved when her employer, Melissa McPike, gave her last October Dh23,000 for her to buy a piece of land in the Philippines.

Not only that.

Celo said Miss McPike promised to help her finance the construction of the house.

Celo’s inspiring story was picked up by the Filipino Times and the Gulf News, which both quoted her as saying ‘Ms Melissa’s gift came as a surprise.’

“She (Miss McPike) said that she knows I don’t have any savings because I am also supporting my family,” the Filipina nanny said.

Celo will be flying back to Manila later this month to see her newly-purchased property.

Celo started working for McPike back in 1998 where she helped take care of her two children in Abu Dhabi – Saeed and Saif.

After a two-year period, she worked in other fields until McPike reached out to her and took her in again in 2014.

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