Visit the Philippines


THE past few days have seen a number of heart-warming news. Of course, it depends on what type of reader you are. If you are against President Duterte, then certainly you are not happy with some of the positive news about the government.

I won’t go over those good news anymore which I think will continue to spring as the government continues to deliver and do a yeoman job for the best interest of the people.

I would just like to cite the big influx of tourists in the country last year. Numbers do not lie as they say and the government getting past its targeted 6.5 million tourists arrival in 2017 is something else.

Great efforts to discredit the Philippines had been done to no avail. Instead, the Philippines became one of favourite destinations in Asia among international tourists.

Based on the latest available data from the Department of Tourism, foreign arrivals grew 11.54 percent to 5.9 million arrivals from January to October last year. And we still have to hear more from the DOT when it wraps its year-end report.

Tourism is one of the most rapidly growing industries in many parts of the world today. The industry’s potential as foreign exchange earner is enormous and its capability to create jobs is tremendous.

Look at the United Arab Emirates which has quickly shifted to tourism to cushion the impact of the slowing down of the oil sector. It has done everything it could to lure the international tourists and so far, the UAE has been reaping handsome dividends.

I guess the Philippines is on the right track as well in this matter. A successful tourism industry creates a ripple effect on the economy that stimulates the growth of many other sectors: hotels, bars, restaurants, air, sea and land transportation industries.
Indirectly, tourism supports the growth of shopping malls, garments, handicrafts, and other peripheral activities in places where resorts and other tourists’ spots are located.

Tourism likewise creates goodwill among peoples and international understanding too.

With all these potential benefits, the country should be exerting more efforts to attract more foreign tourists.