More solar power


It’s somewhat surprising to know that the Philippines is one of the world’s leading generator of electricity using solar panels, an indication of the country’s vigorous thrust to tap renewable energy to contribute to the planet’s health. That is what Dutch renewable energy consultancy firm Solarplaza says.

A Solarplaza report says the Philippines is the number one developing Asian country that uses solar PV systems in generating electricity and the fifth worldwide after Chile, South Africa, Brazil and Thailand. The ranking was based on the many solar energy production projects of the country that made it to Solarplaza’s top 50 solar PV projects in emerging markets.

The country is producing 900 megawatts of electricity through solar PVs as of July 2016, according to Solarplaza.

While the country still relies mostly on fossil fuel for generating electricity, production of solar energy, combined with geothermal and hydroelectric energy, is increasing to give renewable energy a significant share in the national energy mix. Of course, that is beneficial to Filipinos’ health in terms of lesser air pollution.

It is also worthy to develop more solar energy production plants to eventually bring down the cost of electricity that comes from renewable energy. So does the local production of solar panels. When PV systems are already affordable, more people will buy and install so they can have their own free power. No more electricity bills to worry about.

So to all local solar energy producers, more (solar) power to you.