PH in right direction, says 86% of Filipinos

President Duterte has the overwhelming support of the people. (PNA photo)

Majority of Filipinos believe that the country is going in the right direction and that President Duterte’s actions are appropriate based on the 2017 fourth quarter survey of the Social Weather Stations (SWS).

The result of the nationwide survey done on December 8-16, 2017 and involved 1,200 respondents showed that the number of Filipinos who believe that the country is in the right direction increased to 86 percent from 79 percent in the previous survey done in September 2017, and from 77 percent in the first and second quarter of last year.

The 86 percent is also higher than the 84 percent recorded in June 2016, when Duterte was elected president.

Meanwhile, 69 percent of the respondents believe that Duterte’s actions are appropriate for a president and only 18 percent believe his actions are inappropriate. The same responses were recorded in all regions with 89 percent in Mindanao, 71 percent in Metro Manila, 63 percent in Luzon and 59 percent in the Visayas. More urban respondents chose “appropriate” as answer with 71 percent while rural respondents has 68 percent.

The respondents were also asked if Duterte performed better than former president Benigno Aquino III. Majority or 70 percent said he performed better than Aquino and only 8 percent said the latter was better than the incumbent president. rw: wjg