‘Sauna’ train, mark of LRTA incompetence


Riding the LRT coach below is like taking a sauna bath. It’s the only coach without its airconditioning working. I’ve taken this particular LRT coach months ago and on Wednesday, I rode it again and the airconditioning is still not working. What incompetence.

If the LRTA management can’t fix a simple problem like airconditioning, they should not be charging passengers and instead pay customers for the discomfort they inflicted and for their stupidity.

Transport providers should know their obligations to commuters: take them to their destination comfortably, fast and safely. If they can’t do this, they have no business operating commuter trains or vehicles.

The LRT or LRT 1 has three types of coaches. The old ones have fading cream colors with orange stripe. The new ones are in metallic and blue stripe. The third one (below), which I think is only one unit, has a stainless body with a yellow stripe. If you see the latter, don’t hop in and wait for the next coach to spare yourself from a grueling sauna commute.