Sanofi urges PH to lift dengue vaccine suspension

GRILLED. Thomas Triomphe, Asia-Pacific head of French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi, leaves after a senate hearing in Manila on December 11, 2017, on the dengue vaccine "dengvaxia" by French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi. The Philippine Senate began on December 11, its probe into a public dengue immunization program which was suspended this month after Sanofi said its vaccine could lead to severe infections in some cases. / AFP PHOTO / TED ALJIBE

FRENCH pharmaceutical giant Sanofi on Monday urged the Philippines to lift the suspension of its anti-dengue vaccine, insisting it was safe, but the government accused the firm of “dishonesty”.

Sales of Dengvaxia and a landmark public immunization program using the vaccine were suspended by the Philippines this month after Sanofi warned it could lead to “severe” symptoms for people who had not previously been infected with dengue.

But the company’s regional head said on Monday that removing the vaccine from the Philippine market did the public a “disservice”, as it was safe and effective for most Filipinos.

“That will be a regression in the country’s approach in solving a major public health concern and a disservice to the Filipino people,” Thomas Triomphe, Sanofi Pasteur’s head of Asia-Pacific, said at a senate hearing in the capital Manila.

“Doing so would in effect leave 90 percent of the population at the mercy of an epidemic which has been found to be preventable,” Triomphe added, referring to health department figures on the number of Filipinos who contract dengue.

In late November, Sanofi released findings of a new study that it said showed Dengvaxia could lead to severe infections for vaccinated people who caught the disease for the first time.

The vaccination programme was launched last year by the administration of previous president Benigno Aquino, making the Philippines the first nation to use Dengvaxia on a mass scale.


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