LRT train door won’t close after passenger forcibly opened it

LRT 1 trains in Roosevelt station. (WJG photo)

AN LRT train ran with one door open after a passenger forcibly opened it on Monday.

The Light Rail Management Corporation (LRMC), the operator of Light Rail Transit Line 1 (LRT-1), on Thursday advised passengers to avoid forcibly opening train doors to avoid a repeat of the incident.

The LRMC management also instructed all guards in station platforms to strictly implement the “no forcible opening of doors” policy to avoid similar incidents that may potentially put the lives of passengers in danger.

Based on the LRMC investigation, the unidentified passenger forcefully opened the train door when it did not immediately open upon stopping at Vito Cruz station at around 6:57 p.m. on November 27 allowing passengers to board the train.

The door failed to close upon departure from station until it reached the next station in Quirino Avenue.

According to the other passengers, the unidentified passenger who forced the door to open got off at Quirino Station.

Meanwhile, the DOTr said door mechanism failures is in the top 3 causes of train failure and unloading incidents in MRT-3.