NPA as a terrorist group


THE Philippine government considers the Communist People’s Party (CPP) and its armed wing, the New People’s Army (NPA), to be one of the most significant internal security threats.

Philippine military and police forces have struggled in dealing with this group.

Last week, President Rodrigo Duterte announced that he would classify the NPA as a terrorist group due to their recent actions, including the alleged killing of an infant.

Duterte added that the NPA only pretends to fight for the people but they are killing the poor, and that they are only fighting for themselves.

On this, we know that it is true. The act of the NPA is not fair and most of all, innocent civilians are being sacrificed.

All of us know all the movements of NPA, the tragic and violent incidents they’ve done in our country, mostly in the region of Mindanao.

I feel the effect on it in our country. For example, some tourists are now afraid to go to Mindanao because of incidents involving terrorist groups.

How can we attain the peace in our country if there is a group like this?

President Duterte ‘s vision for peace is surely garnering support from his administration to attain the long overdue peace this country deserves.

In line with this, I will leave you a question: As ordinary people, are you in favor with the pronouncement of President Duterte?