Ho Ho Ho or No No No?


CHRISTMAS is almost here, and many of us are waiting for this season.

Definitely, this is the perfect time for giving and sharing love, which is also the representation of the special day of God, who created us.

Here in our country, Christmas season is one of the roots of traffic, especially during ‘Ber months’. Most of the department stores near the main roads of Metro Manila are having their Christmas sales, and that’s why the place becomes crowded, which is the result of unavailable parking spaces.

In that scenario, can you still sense the pleasure of Christmas?

If you feel this kind of problem – which I am sure almost everyone are — are you wishing for a solution for this as a Christmas gift?

But I think whatever happens in this world, we can still rejoice and celebrate Christmas with our loved ones, because Christmas is not about us, it’s all about our beloved Creator from above.