Of parables and para-bola


THE Bible tells us that Jesus told parables to illustrate and to make very clear to His audience the lessons He wanted to expound on. In writing, that’s making yourself easily understood even by a fourth grader in a way that is “nakakaabot sa sikmura” (a message that hits the stomach).

Last Sunday, another Catholic parish priest resorted to telling a modern-day parable except that, like many other priests before him, he told it in a way like it was something that happened in real life when it could not have been so.

The priest told of a love so great between a wife and a husband who, wonder of wonders, could not sup or eat together despite that  epic Shakespearean love. The reason why the husband and wife cannot share a meal? Well, purportedly, it’s because they share dentures.

Whoever eats first will, according to the priest, wear the dentures and then after finishing would pass the dentures to the spouse so the latter can now eat. Wow! That taxes believability doesn’t it? Ever heard of  dentures that is one size fits all?

The problem with parables dressed as “para-bola” is that they may make people laugh or be in awe of a great story until such time that the audiences realize that what was told them as gospel truth was actually just a figment of a hyper-driven imagination.

I am a Catholic and by saying so I am opening myself to censure by the Church if our men of the cloth cannot take constructive criticisms. It’s just me telling our shepherds not to undermine themselves as boleros by telling tall tales and selling them as something that really happened and not the fiction that they really are.

Walang bola yan.