Damn traffic re-routes


This is for MMDA boss Danny Lim and all your wise guys at the agency tormenting us commuters by your cruel and disruptive traffic re-routing schemes and for periodically forcing us to walk somewhere else to get our rides going to our destination.

Who gave you the right to strip us of our right to convenient public transportation and travel by your senseless traffic re-routing schemes directed at PUVs? If you guys are ignorant of your mandate to ensure comfort and convenience of the traveling public more than re-arranging traffic flow in holy PUV routes, go to Pluto and wreak havoc to the Plutonians there for all we care.

MMDA is no place for people who lack the creativity to balance if not prioritize the convenience of commuters and the need for a smooth traffic flow for ASEAN event-related vehicles. You don’t have any business there at MMDA re-routing our PUV rides that force us to disembark where we are not supposed to disembark so that ASEAN event goers enjoy uninterrupted rides to their venues.

Time and time again you have abused us, disrespected us. You all deserve to be kicked out like all corrupt appointees because disrupting our travel is not public service but public disservice! Imagine re-routing the Proj. 6-Quiapo jeepneys that instead of simply crossing EDSA to get to West Avenue in mere minute, you force the jeepneys to go all the way to Quezon Avenue kilometers away so passengers are also forced to disembark in Timbuktu instead of West Avenue, the jeepneys produce more carbon footprints with the longer drive and precious milliliters of fuel are wasted to the detriment of low wage-earning jeepney drivers.

In the first place, you MMDA wise guys caused PUVs to drive to a U-turn along EDSA to get to West Avenue instead of letting them cross from the intersection, which was built for that fast EDSA-West Avenue crossing in the first place. Your brains really belong to Pluto or another rock floating outside the Solar System. The solution is a simple math, but you want a Calculus remedy.

That is the last straw for us ordinary commuters after your MMDA agents drove us away and away from a legitimate jeepney stop in a shoulder fronting the SM mall to a spot in the SM Annex only to again drive us farther away to a shedless spot to make us sweat under the sun or wet from the rain.

MMDA wise guys, go away, go to Pluto and do your traffic re-routing there if you cannot provide public service. Spare us hell.