Best foot forward


THE traffic gridlock in and around Metro Manila Saturday which turned EDSA into a veritable parking lot made a lot of people so angry that many could be heard cursing the Philippines’ hosting of the ASEAN Summit.


Overheard was a complaint by an elderly man at a Starbucks branch that the closure of lanes at EDSA was worse than what was done during the Philippines’ hosting of various APEC meetings this year.

Another chimed in with why the ASEAN meeting could not have been held outside of Metro Manila like in Pampanga where the heads of states of the ASEAN and its dialogue partners could move around more freely after enplaning via Clark.

A number of ASEAN meeting delegates led by early birds Hun Sen and Aung San Suu Kyi, heads of state respectively of Cambodia and Myanmar, started arriving Saturday afternoon and many more are scheduled to arrive today.

So, if you have nothing important to do, enjoy the very long weekend by staying at home or going to places far from the vortex of ASEAN activities.

Anyway, Malacanang has already ordered the suspension of classes and work, both for the government and the private sectors, for Nov. 13 to 15, thus there should be less people on the roads of Metro Manila for the duration of the ASEAN Summit.

As in our hosting of the APEC meetings, the success of our ASEAN summit hosting is the success of all Filipinos thus let’s grit our teeth if we have to and endure whatever inconveniences the event would bring to us.

After all, we Filipinos are known globally for our hospitality. Let’s put our best foot forward as one nation.