Blurred lines: #MochaVersusMPC


THE tiff between the Malacanang Press Corps and Undersecretary Mocha Uson whose office handles the accreditation of bloggers on a per event basis can be considered mere “birth pains” as news providers grapple with the new realities imposed on them by technology.

At present, the lines between mainstream media (radio, TV, print media) and online media like ConceptCentral have been blurred because the former also strive to reach online audiences while the latter utilizes video and audio in their online postings.

Many mainstream media practitioners are also into blogging but their biggest advantage is that their accreditation give them access to news events which are otherwise off limits to pure bloggers.

I myself am a journalist for 12 years before dabbling in “creative writing” and now blogging for ConceptCentral while editing its online posts. For me, Malacanang’s accreditation of bloggers is a good first step towards making news events more accessible to more people.

Anyone can blog, sure. But blogging with credibility is an altogether different matter. Here is where the importance of Uson’s office comes in because her staff can vet the credibility of bloggers who want to cover the President by looking at their past works.

By vetting responsible bloggers, Malacanang is, in fact, opening its door to citizen journalism (bloggers) while shutting the same on those who spread fake news.

The new reality is that media platforms are evolving and we may see a situation down the line when pure digital media outfits would have more audience reach than radio, TV and print combined.