Nothing wrong with Mega Drug Rehab facility


So some smart asses are saying that the 10,000-bed Mega Drug Rehab Center was a “miscalculated” project. That it shouldn’t have been built with the low occupancy rate it has been getting and instead smaller versions per region should be built. Really now?

The druglords and drug traffickers are doing everything to smear the government’s war on shabu to stifle or stop it. From redirecting public anger on police brutality against drug suspects to the Office of the President, they now want to make it appear that the administration is also lousy at rehabilitating shabu consumers.

Why complain now that the facility is built? Every construction project is carefully planned and engineered and the MDRC did not pop up there at the snap of a finger. Maybe officials are complaining because they did not get commissions out of the project funded by a Chinese businessman who just wanted to help drug addicts, so they want new ones to be built to get kickbacks from LGUs?

The size of the facility was calculated based on the number of drug users who surrendered. Ten thousand beds are not enough to accommodate one million rehab patients. So why argue that it’s too big? As for the location inside a military camp, it was right for security reasons.

Only less than 200 patients have so far been rehabilitated at the MDRC. That means no one is being forced to go there. And for those who were rehabilitated there, it’s enough proof the facility is serving its purpose.

An official said the rehab there lacks family support for the patients or it’s too far from families. In the first place, lack of family support contributed to the patient’s drug addiction. It is the reason why the patients are there. And rehab professionals are the ones who are supposed to be helping the patients and who are supposed to be with them. It’s more of a boot camp, where patients can be disciplined for fast recovery, than a hospital where families can gather at the bedside of loved ones they neglected.

Families who are serious of helping loved ones struggling from drug abuse to recover should have no qualms sending them to the MDRC or any rehab facility of their choice. Once they are rehabilitated, families cannot blame the facility or its staff if the patient relapsed. They should be responsible for sustaining the recovery of the drug addict more than the rehab workers.