Show of failure


THE Sunday prayer rally at the EDSA People Power monument reportedly was a show of force against extra judicial killers, whoever they may be. It was a veiled protest against the administration and using prayer as a cover-up.

In the first place, the protesters would not be there had the organizers were effective in propagating morals and righteousness to their flock and non-followers. Now they are protesting as if the administration is to blame why the number of drug users and traffickers in our midst multiplied to stratospheric proportion.

The Church was silent when tons of shabu were being distributed and sniffed day in and day out across the country the past years. Now that there are millions of shabu users and peddlers, all technically criminals and potential criminals, that authorities are trying to address, they want to tie the hands of the police force in dealing with them.

Without an iron-fisted campaign against drug users and traffickers, we will have a narco state, which no one wants to have as it will endanger our families and children.

Shabu producers and traffickers have more reasons to derail the campaign by demonizing law enforcers and President Duterte. They will resort to EJK, destabilization, fake news and other tactics to put the brakes on it so they can resume poisoning everyone for profit.

Of course, nobody should be naive that rogue police officers who confiscate narcotics and then sell it have a motive to eliminate customers, who can squeal their names, so nobody can incriminate them. If protesters insist that these assassins and murderers are state-sponsored, then they will make the drug traffickers win the war against illegal drugs through plain misinformation.

Instead of rallying against the administration and implicating the government to EJKs, the faithfuls should take due diligence, do their homework, before blaming law enforcers and the government. The Church should try convincing people not to use drugs and not to peddle drugs. Let’s see if their gentle persuasion will be effective.