THE University of the Philippines (UP) professor who claimed that one out of every three Filipinos has a mental health problem should have her head, err her premise, err her basis, checked.


My only issue with what the good doctor claimed is that her conclusion was based on a 20-year-old study and one conducted at that in Western Visayas.

Come on. Indulge me.

Can’t we have something more recent than a survey whose respondents may now either be dead and buried, or are now withered in an insane asylum or are singing “round like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel”?

The news item somehow got the “Windmills of my Mind” spinning during a moment of “Silent Lucidity.”

I am not contesting the “1 of 3 Pinoys has a mental health problem” claim. What I am saying is that the number may even be 2  out of 3 Filipinos if we update the study and do the survey where life is really crazy, crazy, crazy – Metro Manila and the other cities – frenetic.

I mean, crazy working hours, crazy expectations and crazy everything.

FYI as if you care, I’m due for an executive checkup – with my blood pressure shooting up though my red blood cells are going down way below normal. Sorry folks, checking for mental health is not covered by my health card.

Bipolar, psychotic or demented. Take your pick. It’s a free world after all.

Nah. I am talking about my dog. Me, I passed a neuro-psychiatric test — two hours written and a psychiatric interview by a comely policewoman —  when I renewed my gun license. Come on. Brighten up, people. What’s a little fun here and there.