Vilifiers to face full weight of law — Divina

UST Law Dean Nilo Divina

Atty. Nilo Divina, dean of the UST Law School, warned his vilifiers that they will face the full weight of the law in the following statement issued on Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017:

In the past couple of weeks, allegations have swirled regarding my involvement in the Atio Castillo hazing case.

The plot has evolved from someone who was simply asked to help convince Aegis members to surface to someone who was trying to protect the perpetrators; to being the very person who personally recruited Atio to the fraternity; to being the owner of the house the fraternity members run to immediately after the hazing; and then to being the driver of the vehicle that brought Atio to the hospital.

The latest mutation of the story is that I purportedly met Atio at my law office on September 12 , therefore, I must have known about the hazing and all my other acts are part of efforts to obstruct justice.

Whatever version of the story is foisted upon the public, my conscience is clear. I am at peace in the knowledge that I have not transgressed the law or breached any moral obligation.

I repeat, I did not know Atio personally. I have done everything in my power to prevent hazing and any form of violence, which are against my fundamentally held beliefs. I have also done what I could to extend help to the family and assist in the police

Meanwhile, I continue to mourn and grieve the passing of a promising young student of our Faculty. What has compounded the tragedy though is the malice and irresponsibility on the part of self-interested parties who prefer innuendo and slander to genuine support to the grieving family of our student.

That some quarters appear to exploit the situation to advance their demolition job against me is unjust and outright heartless.

But let me assure those behind this vilification campaign that they will feel the full weight of the law.

I know I will be vindicated because the truth is on my side.