The bigger picture


Last week, the local media highlighted the big drop in the net
satisfaction rating of President Duterte based on the results of the
latest SWS survey.

The survey result has given rise to the wrong impression that his
performance in office leaves much to be desired. But the reality is
that his satisfaction rating remains “good” with the majority of
Mindanaoans still giving him a “very good” rating.
It is unfortunate that the campaign against drugs has been marred by the killing
of young drug suspects, thus impacting on the survey result. But if we
look at the bigger picture, we must admit that the President is doing a
good job in keeping the economy vibrant. In fact, international media
took notice with Forbes reporting recently that Duterte’s leadership
is amply shown in the big surge in the equity market.

The Board of Investments has reported P392 billion worth of projects
as of October 4. This is 32 percent more than the P296 billion it
registered in the same period last year and is already 78.4 percent of
its P500 billion target this year.

At the same time, the International Monetary Fund retained its 6.7
percent GDP forecast for 2017.

Amid all these positive indicators, it is clear that the economy is
making headways under Duterte’s leadership, and we are likely to see
his public satisfaction ratings rise once Filipinos begin to feel the benefits of sustained growth.