EU disowns group which receives tongue-lashing from Duterte

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte

THE European Delegation to the Philippines has issued a clarification that it has no involvement in the visit of a seven-member delegation of the International Delegates of the Progressive Alliance which misrepresented itself as a European Union (EU) Mission.

On Thursday, Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella said that “any group or person who unduly interferes in our domestic affairs demeans our status as a sovereign nation” thus the President has every right to speak out against pronouncements made by the group.

The group, earlier thought to be members of the EU, received a tongue-lashing from Duterte.

“This delegation’s irresponsible statements protesting the alleged killings under the Duterte Administration demean our status as a sovereign nation,” Abella said.

“For so long has our president tolerated these undue interferences in our domestic affairs, and he has decided that these must stop if only to preserve the integrity and dignity of our State as a sovereign nation.”

A statement released by EU delegation to the Philippines on Thursday night also said the group that came to Manila was not a European Union mission.

It emphasized the EU wanted to work with the Philippines at the UN, rather than expel it.

“The EU and the Philippines work constructively and productively together in a close partnership in many contexts and areas, including, of course, in the UN context,” the statement said.


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