A lady who starts to understand the Chaos of Life


WHEN I was a kid, there were a lot of questions in my mind, like why the sky is blue, why the birds can fly high, why is it raining, why is there lightning and thunder, where does the water come from, why is there a rainbow after the rain, and so on.

Until one day, I realized that everything is because of our Almighty God, who created everything perfectly and with a purpose.

I played with my playmates all day, we played under the rain, we ran and ran and ran until we were tired from running, we laughed harder and harder like there’s no tomorrow. Wetold stories about our families and friends with a proud feeling and confidence like “Wala kayo sa Papa ko…”, and then my friends will reply like “Wala yan sa Papa ko…” Ang sarap maging bata ulit! You can’t feel any pain, heartache, problems and you cannot be easily attached to the negativity that surrounds you.

I also believed then that thunder and lightning happens because “San Pedro is playing bowling” and it’s funny that I believed in that saying. But when I became a teenager, I started to face more realistic things as to what life really is; I realized that life is not easy like counting 1, 2 , 3s or singing or memorizing A, B, Cs. But I believe that life is full of surprises, life is a gift from above.

In life there are ups and downs, pain, heartbreaks, problems, fears, rejections, doubts and people may leave us. But we always need to look at the brighter side of our life instead of looking back to the darkness. Life must go on with or without the people we used to be with for years and we need to look forward to all the benefits of life for our personal growth and to accept the fact that the only permanent thing in this world is “change”.

I’m starting to understand now the chaos of life, the confusion behind it all. We need to believe that there’s always a rainbow after the rain because it also means that there is happiness after the pain, a genuine happiness after all the pain that we have been through because we are born not to give up.

And even though I’ll never comprehend everything life is trying to tell me or to teach me, I’ll always try to live it, I’ll always try to smile and to make it a life worth remembering. I will always be proud to make all my dreams come true.