Arroyo sees rebound of Duterte rating

Former president and now Pampanga representative Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo said the latest rating of President Duterte in the SWS survey is normal. She explains why in the following statement:

The rise and drop in a President’s approval ratings are bound to happen in the course of his/her term. It is part of the territory. It reflects the pulse of the people at a particular time. A drop though does not mean erosion of public support but merely a sentiment on particular policies.

But the job of a president is not to make popular decisions. He should make decisions for the greater good though unpopular. I had to endure this process myself when I made tough and unpopular decisions that ultimately redounded to the common good.

After a whole year of stratospheric ratings, the President should not be unduly worried by the drop in his ratings for the 3rd quarter of the year. This is a blip, especially because the survey was taken at the height of the controversy over so-called EJK’s in the war against drugs.

During my term, I too suffered even more serious problems with my ratings, precipitated by the same kind of vicious opposition now working to bring down President Duterte. I responded by focusing instead on performance, performance, performance. It was my intention to leave a real legacy of achievement, because it was only the judgment of history that mattered to me.

The President has started several historic initiatives that too will comprise his real legacy. I refer to his initiatives on comprehensive tax reform, infrastructure buildout, Charter change, and securing and rebuilding Marawi city. All of them can produce major changes early enough to improve his ratings by early next year.