Of 13-year olds then and now


I recently saw an image post in Facebook about a comically split comparison of “13 Years Old Now vs Me When I Was 13” and it shows how sexually aware are the teenagers of today.

Teens today know how to properly use a make-up and have much idea already on how to make them look aggressively attractive while me on the other hand, when I was 13 years old, I was not not even allowed to touch my mother’s make-up kit.

I played around the streets with other kids regardless of their gender and there was no issue at all.  After all we’re all kids. Even if most of my playmates were males, life went on.

It’s nice to compare your time and their time, but I realize, though, and I feel disappointed that young generations don’t seem to care at all about the world. Most of today’s teenagers are already more concerned about love relationships. They’ve got so many ‘crushes’ already at their tender age. I guess, that’s how it is: Things are getting simpler than you think.