Cab, PUV drivers should adjust to riding public’s needs — Abayon

Rep. Neil J. Abayon III

(The following is the response of Aangat Tayo partylist representative and House Assistant Minority Leader Neil J. Abayon to the statement of Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board Chairman Martin Delgra III that the riding public should assert their right to taxi drivers)


In direct response to the incongruous statements of LTFRB Chairman Martin Delgra, III in his interview with Daniel Razon on UNTV, I say taxis and other public transport utilities should be the ones accommodating or adjusting to the needs of the riding public they are supposed to serve and not the other way around.

So I do not see any sense to why the riding public has to be the one to “assert” their right.  

Majority are not lawyers to be well aware of all their rights, so it is unrealistic to expect a common commuter to be more knowledgeable than a person who studied law and have legal knowledge.

In Chairman Delgra’s mind, it seems taxis can get away with violations because we commuters are not assertive enough but TNVS must be penalized outright by the LTFRB because they do not comply with the law and LTFRB directives.

Uber has admitted their mistake and has been fined and suspended. Yet these taxis, there is already clear evidence showing blatant violations of the law yet the Chairman requires us to be more “assertive”. How come versus Uber, it was LTFRB who was very assertive in penalizing them. And I applaud them for that for that is their duty.

Now, against the other party, the taxis, it seems they require us, the riding public, to be the ones being assertive and they all of a sudden seem to have lost their desire for justice to be served. I will let the riding public be the judge of the Chairman’s partiality.