Atienza seeks 5% discount on gift certificates

Buhay Partylist Representative Lito Atienza (LA photo)

BUHAY Partylist Representative and Senior Deputy Minority Leader Lito Atienza pushed for additional benefits for consumers buying gift checks.

In his proposed amendment to House Bill 6016 or the Gift Check Non-Expiry Act, Atienza moved to give consumers a 5% discount when buying gift certificates.

“We support this revolutionary piece of legislation of Cong. Ferjenel Biron of Iloilo to remove the expiry date from all gift certificates. At the same time, we thank the sponsor for accepting our amendment of giving consumers a 5% discount everytime they purchase gift certificates. This will ensure that consumers’ rights are protected and they get full value for their money,” Atienza said during his interpellation of Cong. Biron on House Bill 6016, which eliminates the old system of putting expiry dates on gift checks..

“As soon as consumers purchase the gift checks, hawak na ng mga merchants ang pera. Hindi pa nagagamit ang mga GC pero yung ibinayad mo ay napapaikot na ng merchants,” according to Atienza.

The proposed law to be tackled on third reading will contain the amendment proposed by Atienza. In effect, once passed and enacted, the law will not only remove the expiry date on gift checks, but consumers can now buy them at a 5% discount.

“Consumers will now be given their share in the profitable exchange of cash–from consumers to the business establishment, to the merchants at a discount,” Atienza stressed.