Drug-free campus


HUMAN Rights Watch has resorted to a scare tactic by labeling the random drug testing of public high school students as dangerous. The group had warned that students who test positive from drug use may be arrested or worse, end up dead in the hands of police, just like what happened to other drug suspects.

Trying to sway parents to reject random drug testing, which starts next month, by making them think that their children’s lives will be put on the line, is irresponsibly alarmist. Worse, it carelessly conditions students, parents and teachers to be complicit to–or tolerant of–drug use and drug pushing.

But the strongest argument for random drug testing of students is this: Parents would be more at ease sending their children to a school where there is no drug use or drug pushing by students and faculty.

Parental vigilance may simply not be enough to know if a child is into drugs or not. Also, teachers and school administrators may not be able to closely watch every student in heavily populated schools. So it would be reassuring if the school is tested drug-free. That is why the state, through the Department of Education, must really carry out random drug testing of students. Those testing positive for illegal drugs can therefore be treated and rehabilitated.

There is nothing wrong if the government promotes drug-free campuses. Random drug testing is in the best interest of the students themselves not to mention, it give their parents peace of mind.