Abayon urges House to act on HIV-AIDS bills

ACCESS to HIV medical intervention is soaring but much more has to be done for those afflicted with the virus that could cause AIDS.

AANGAT Tayo Party-list representative and Assistant Minority Leader Neil J. Abayon has urged the House Committee on Health to urgently tackle all pending bills on HIV-AIDS and convene hearings on them.

Abayon said on Thursday the number of new HIV/AIDS cases has zoomed to 1,098, the highest since 1984, making the passage of a related law urgent to stem the potential epidemic.

The latest statistics on HIV in our country have become even more frightening, according to Abayon.

“Congress must act fast to give the Department of Health and other concerned sectors the means and resources to fight HIV-AIDS now,” said Abayon.

The congressman said the Senate already has a consolidated version and it is waiting for the House counterpart measure.

“As soon as the House hammers out a consolidated bill on HIV policy, I will formally urge President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to certify it as urgent, so the two bills can move even faster and more likely become law before Congress goes on recess on December 16,” said Abayon.

“I am in consultation with concerned stakeholders and will present my suggestions at the proper time, so that the consolidated bill we produce will address the crucial issues facing us about arresting the surge of HIV nationwide and across all age groups, especially among the millennials,” he added.

As of latest count there are 16 bills in the Committee on Health and two more on discrimination against persons with HIV pending before the Committee on Human Rights.