Waste of time


SHOULD the current peace talks between the government and the communist-led National Democratic Front continue?

Not if the rebels continue armed attacks on state security forces, paramilitary groups and big busineses that refuse to pay the so-called “revolutionary tax” demanded by the NPA.

The latest attacks by the NPA took place in Laguna this week. The Maoist rebel group has launched what they call “tactical offensives” in various other areas in the country even as the peace talks are ongoing.

This raises the question: Is the CPP-NPA-NDF really serious in entering into peace talks with the government if their forces do not want to stop the fighting on the ground?

Or is the NPA going all-out in combat operations against the government because they operate independently of the NDF negotiators and are hell-bent of seizing political power through armed struggle?

If this is the case, then the peace talks are a sham and a colossal waste of time and should be terminated because nothing will really come out of it.