UAE on high alert vs WannaCry


ABU DHABI — There’s no doubt the Abu Dhabi System & Information Centre (Adsic) has been the busiest department nowadays in the United Arab Emirates.

With the WannaCry ransomware virus now on massive attack and preying on many nations, Abu Dhabi has taken a drastic step before it is too late.

Already, the all Abu Dhabi government departments have been told to prepare backup copies of all electronic data to avoid losses in the event of the malware attack.

The Adsic, the authority that oversees information security, said the network is safe but called on all institutions to take precautions.

The WannaCry ransomware virus that has affected many countries has not been found in government departments, it said.

The centre called on all government agencies to continue taking the necessary precautionary measures, increase readiness and monitor their systems.

It also said to prepare a backup copy of their electronic data to avoid any loss in the event of an attack, state news agency Wam reported.

It cautioned that the procedures taken to protect electronic programmes and storage capacities “do not mean that we are far from the virus”, Wam quoted the centre as saying.

“Therefore, we call on all users of the network, including government agencies and their employees, to investigate sources of emails received to avoid exposure of the network’s services and contents to the malicious virus.”

The centre thanked the government authorities for their efforts in securing the network.