Knocking on doors


IT WAS at the end of 2014 when I left my previous job as a PR and I desperately needed work after my father passed away. One of the options I took was texting everyone I knew, including my father’s contacts.


All of them were uncertain so I decided to shift to manual drive. This meant that I had to literally knock on doors so people would consider giving me a job. Because the Senate of the Philippines was closer to my residence, I decided to go there first and see if I can find someone I know so I can hand out my resume.

The fifth and sixth floors were where Senators held their office and I visited each one. I had 20 resumes in hand and I dressed up appropriately just in case there was an impromptu interview.

As expected though, most of the doors were already shut and the “We’ll just call you if something comes up” cliché were the standard responses. I was not upset of course, budgeting for office personnel was difficult especially for government agencies. I had to take a chance though if I wanted to provide for myself and my family.

I gave a call to three former colleagues to see if there was an opportunity available. They said it wasn’t a guarantee but they opened their doors for me. The first person who gave me an actual interview was Senator Sonny Angara. I vividly remember my friend telling me that Senator Angara would be holding a meeting in one of the rooms at the fourth floor. We waited for him in the hallway and he discussed about the work that I can do for him for about 15 minutes.

The next door, and the last one, I knocked on was at the Senate Majority Leader’s office. Two of my former colleagues introduced me to the team and after weeks of interviews, I was finally hired.

It was a long process for me and I am honored to have been taking care of Senator Cayetano’s public page for around two years. He is now the Secretary at the Department of Foreign Affairs.

I am also grateful to Senator Angara for giving me his 15 minutes despite a busy schedule. I will not forget these kinds of things.

And to the people who think things are not going their way, don’t lose hope. Be patient and you can knock on doors. The ones who open up theirs may surprise you.