V is for ❤


This Valentine’s Day, heed what the heart says—and wants.

And on matters of the heart, who else to turn to than Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial?

The good Secretary gives sound advice: when it comes to chocolate, lovers should choose bitter than sweet. And make it dark, as it has less sugar and caramel to ensure a healthy heart. Plus, dark chocolate has flavonoids and antioxidants that are good for the heart and blood vessels.

If you want to be sweet, our Health Secretary recommends giving fresh fruits as gifts. It’s not only literally sweet, but also a healthier choice.

But for partners who wish to live healthy and longer lives together, she offers wise counsel: Remain faithful to your partner in order to reduce stress and enjoy life, as having multiple partners could induce stress.

Instead of buying sweets and fatty foods, said Secretary Ubial, lovers should give their partners gifts that could “convey more feeling”, such as a poem or love letter.

We agree completely.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!