Saudi police foil terror attempt to burn Kaaba in Mecca

A man was arrested for pouring gasoline at the black clothes covering the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. (MAB image)

RIYADH — Saudi police have foiled an attempt by a suspected extremist to burn Kaaba in the grand mosque of Mecca, the most valued site among Muslims, Sabq online newspaper reported on Tuesday.

An eyewitness told the news portal that he saw the man pouring gasoline at the black clothes covering the Kaaba, in which he alerted the police at the mosque and they arrested the man.

No official information was released, while the newspaper confirmed that the incident occurred at 23:11 local time on Monday (2011 GMT). It posted a video of the incident that was circulated online.

Although the real intention of the man wasn’t clear until now, worshiping places have been targeted by Islamic State (IS) militant groups in recent years. Many worshipers lost their lives in such attacks.

In May 2016, Saudi police prevented a catastrophe by foiling a suicide bomber from reaching the Prophet’s mosque in Medina, leaving the attacker and four police personnel killed, five others injured. PNA/Xinhua