Speaker: Restructure of gov’t an investment for country’s future

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez. (CNC Image)

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez said Wednesday that the amendment of the Constitution and restructuring of the government system are noble efforts that will help make the country achieve prosperity.

“The sacrifices we make now in enduring this difficult task pales in contrast to the bright promises of long term gains we stand to reap, as a nation, should we restructure our government correctly,” Alvarez told colleagues, legislative staffs and media people during the opening of discussion on charter change and federalism at the House of Representatives.

“The kind of structure we have will dictate the strategic trajectory of our country in terms not limited to peace and development. Strategy always follows structure. Let us remember this,” the Speaker added.

Alvarez, who is fully supporting the shift to a federal government setup, the constitutional mandate for the president to be the head of state and head of government is an overwhelming task based from historical experience.

“This kind of setup has failed to respond effectively and efficiently to the recurring issues that have continuously plagued our nation. It has also adversely affected the needs and collective aspirations of our people,” said Alvarez. “We have to consider the possibility that the structure we have now is no longer fit for the pressing needs of today and it is not compatible with meeting the challenges that tomorrow will bring.”

The House leader thanked all the people present in the discussion as well as the CPBRD, PDP-Laban Federalism Institute, the Local Government Development Foundation, and the House of Representatives.