DOJ backs Constituent Assembly for Charter change


THE  Department of Justice (DOJ) said on Tuesday it preferred a Constituent Assembly (Con-Ass) as a mode to amend the 1987 Constitution.

“This Department supports the move for the amendment of the Charter through Constituent Assembly,” DOJ Undersecretary Erickson Balmes said in a position paper presented before the House of Representatives Committee on Constitutional Reforms.

Balmes said revising the Constitution through a Con-Ass is the most practical and least expensive mode.

”There is no need to hold costly election since members of both the Senate and House of Representatives, who have been directly elected by the people, will be the ones who will constitute the Assembly,” Balmes said.

Furthermore, in the process of ratifying the proposed amendments, the people can approve only those that will be beneficial for the country and disapprove those that they deem unacceptable.

Horse trading and political accommodations will also be reduced since members of Congress already know what agenda to pursue, he noted.