Elevated walkways to help solve traffic?

An elevated walkway in Makati City.
An elevated walkway in Makati City.

If we can’t solve traffic at the ground level, maybe we should look skyward for deliverance.

Elevated walkways are now being considered by the Senate committeee on public services headed by Sen. Grace Poe as among many possible solutions to the traffic problem plaguing Metro Manila.

The committee plans to consult students, bikers, and other sectors when the committee deliberates on the proposed emergency powers for President Rodrigo Duterte. Building owners, for instance, could be requested to help construct walkways before they are given permits.

The horrible traffic and lack of adequate mass transportation in Metro Manila have definitely reached crisis proportions. Thus, out-of-the-box solutions,such as elevated walkways similar to those built in Makati City, should be considered seriously.

The public expects some improvement in the traffic mess within the first 100 days of the Duterte administration. Will the DOTC be able to give us good news by the end of September or early October?