DOE mulls ways to lower electricity rates


The Department of Energy (DOE) reiterated on Thursday that it is finding ways to lower electricity rates for consumers, the Philippine News Agency reported.

“The DOE is looking at how the universal charge, which is being passed on to consumers, can be reduced,” DOE spokesperson Pete Ilagan told reporters.

Ilagan stressed that the move of the department is part of its mandate to ensure the affordability of rates, aside from ensuring reliable quality and secured supply of electricity.

He noted that electricity prices in the country are the second highest in Asia, next to Japan.

Aside from this, Ilagan said that a technical audit team will be created to validate the installed and dependable capacity in the country.

”There is also a special order from Secretary for a technical audit team to look into the widely reported available capacities in every grid and combined capacities for national grid,” said Ilagan.

”The DOE hopes to come up with a win-win solution for all affected stakeholders, especially the electricity consumers,” he added.