Duterte account only has P17,666; BPI belies Trillanes docs


THE bank account of  leading presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte in the Julia Vargas, Pasig City branch of the Bank of the Philippines Island (BPI) had a balance of about P17,666 and not millions of pesos as alleged by Senator Antonio Trillanes.

The camp of Duterte, who vowed to open the account Monday to prove Trillanes’ allegation to be false, released an official bank document showing the aforementioned balance.

An official of the bank said the “documents” shown by Trillanes to the media purportedly showing millions if not billions of pesos in the alleged Duterte bank accounts were not official BPI documents.

Not a BPI doc

“The BPI official statement belies the claim of Senator Trillanes that Mayor Duterte has a big deposit at BPI amounting to P211 million,” PDP Laban spokesperson Paola Alvarez said in a statement.

Alvarez quoted  Jose Teodoro Limcaoco, managing director and chief financial officer of Ayala Corp., owner of  BPI, as saying that: “I don’t know where Senator Trillanes got his information, but the graphic posted by the Philippine Daily Inquirer showing alleged credits, that is not a BPI document.”

BPI washed its hands on the assumption by some quarters that there had been breach in the bank’s manner of keeping the accounts of its clients confidential in keeping with laws on the secrecy of bank deposits.

False allegation

“Our internal investigation reveals that there has been no such breach.,”  asserted Limcaoco.

In a one-on-one, Alvarez renewed the Duterte camp’s challenge to Trillanes to issue an affidavit on his claimed documents. But even without Trillanes’ affidavit, Duterte has ordered his lawyer to open the BPI Julia Vargas account so everyone can see the senator’s allegations were false.

BPI also brushed aside the deposit made by Duterte’s rival Mar Roxas on an alleged Duterte account.

Big fat lie

“The deposit slip shown by Mar or the Inquirer is not a unique thing. All banks will show the name of the depositor on a deposit slip,” said the BPI official.

Alvarez said of Alvarez: “[He] peddled a big, fat lie which he should apologize to the Filipino people for because he has absolutely no credibility.”

Duterte described Trillanes as a “soldier of misfortune,” alluding to soldiers of fortune who fight for money.