Madonna in Manila Rebel Heart tour: Still ‘Crazy’ after all these years?


IT CAME as a big surprise that Madonna even remembered the lyrics of “Crazy for You” Thursday night. It’s an even bigger surprise that she sang the song for the first time in more than 30 years.

Madonna paid tribute to the 30th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution of 1986 by singing “Crazy for You” on the second and last night of the Manila leg of her Rebel Heart tour.

To the wild delight of the crowd, including those in the VIP section who paid nearly P58,000 apiece to be within spitting distance of Madonna, the pop icon rendered the song that may be too painful for her to sing.

“Thirty years ago today, something very important happened here in the Philippines, am I correct?” said Madonna referring to the bloodless revolution that toppled the Marcos dictatorship.

“Something very, very important: You fought for your freedom correct? Up for democracy and up for freedom!” Madonna exclaimed.

Madonna, who shot to fame in the early 1980s with such dance tunes like “Like A Virgin” and “Material Girl,” said People Power is a revolution powered by love. And love is what her Rebel Heart tour is all about, she added.

But Madonna’s promotion of love notwithstanding, she might just rework the song into So Not Crazy For You. Why? Because “Crazy for You,” released in 1985, was reportedly dedicated by Madonna to the actor Sean Penn whom she married that year.

Now, we all know that Madonna and Sean have long since been divorced. Or maybe Madonna is, to borrow that Simon and Garfunkel Song, “Still Crazy After All These Years.” If not crazy for Sean, then maybe crazy for the notion of love.

– JhDodson

(Photo by Maricel Burgonio/Manila Bulletin)